Douglas Akers



Doug grew up in a household filled with his families’ southern roots music. His mother was a Bluegrass musician who taught him guitar at a young age and helped spur his passion to write and perform. By his teenage years, he began a long involvement in the Detroit music scene that has lasted ever since.

As a member of his high school yearbook staff, he developed a lifelong love of photography and continues to apply those skills today as a filmmaker. Possessing a wide range of technical and artistic skills in both music and visual arts, Doug has worn the hat of nearly every position involved with film production and marketing and has the knowledge required to see projects through to completion.

Artist statement:

Creativity is the application of skill and ingenuity.

I have proven my ability to work within the confines of time and budget to achieve a unique, entertaining, and marketable product.


Residence: Wyandotte, Michigan

Recent Film experience:

2004-2005: Writer, Producer, Director, and Editor of the feature length horror film ABOVE GROUND. Other production positions included steadicam operator, lighting gaffer, special effects technician, and audio engineer.

2006: Steadicam operator on the award winning independent film BROKEN. Directed several music videos for Detroit area bands.

2007-2008: Producer and Director for the national cable network CURRENT TV. Creator of short form documentary profiles including; Big Brother, a one man indie rock performer; Angelin Chang, Grammy award winning classical musician and; Pezmania, profiling the quirky participants of the Pez dispenser collectors convention.

2009: Camera operator for Qing Lou Nu theatrical short.


ABove ground movie

youtube channel

Favorite movies

  1. 1.Harlan County USA

  2. 2.“F” for Fake

  3. 3.Jaws

  4. 4.The Shining

  5. 5.Dirty Mary Crazy Larry

  6. 6.Mad Max

  7. 7.Woodstock

  8. 8.Blow Out

  9. 9.Pecker

  10. 10.Raging Bull