Jake Hall

Executive Producer



Coming from a musical family, Jake was greatly influenced by the diverse sounds that were a constant in his household.  From rock to country to bluegrass to classical, music was always a part of life.


Beginning his music career at 14 he joined a band whose member’s average age was 21.  His education in entertainment came very early as he developed his ability as a singer/songwriter.  While still in his teens he left home, beginning years of touring/work with a multitude of acts.


After years as a front man/singer Jake accepted one of several offers to write, covering subjects as diverse as professional sports, music and socio-political topics.  He quickly established a close relationship with a whose who of the Hip Hop and entertainment world, interviewing and/or working with such world renown artist and sports figures as Shaun Kingston, Tyrese Gibson, Method Man, Paul Wall, Proof, Rob Zombie and James Toney among many others.


Jake is currently penning the life story and tragic end of Deshaun “Proof” Holtin.


Leading most of his life as a front man, the gift of words was bestowed upon Jake at a young age and he has only begun to tap the abilities granted him.



Artist Statement:

Ambition and Passion cannot be bought or acquired. True passion for ones craft must be formed in the very core from conception.


My skills and pure passion assure that every endeavor is completed to my utmost ability.

Residence: Detroit, Michigan

Performance, television/film and recording experience as member of numerous music groups and projects. 


2002-2004:  Xtreme Detroit Magazine: Contributing Writer.


2004: Appeared in full length horror feature “Above Ground”.

2004: XXL Magazine: Contributing Writer.

2003-2007:  Detroit Rock City Magazine/The Movement Magazine: Senior writer/editor.

2007-2009:  Ublvd.com: World Content Editor .