Kendall Embrescia

Assistant Director



Kendall was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. She went on to study Multi-Media Production, Journalism and Marketing at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti. While in college, Kendall joined Eastern's video production team, hosted her own radio show, "The Red Eye" and was a contributing writer in The Easten Echo, the school newspaper. As her studies fledged forward, so did Kendall's desire to learn every aspect of radio, television and film production. Starting as a receptionist  at Ann Arbor's Clear Channel conglomerate, she moved into the production side of writing, recording and producing radio commercial spots and promotions for clients. She also took on an internship at Ann Arbor's CTN, developing skills as a camera operator, editor, floor manager and writer, earning a prestigious nod from the Alliance for Community Media as a Philo T. Farnsworth recipient.

Getting involved in the Ann Arbor theatre scene, Kendall took up improvisational training at the Second CIty Detroit Conservatory. Here she honed in on improvisational skills and technique, while emerging as a voice over artist. She joined the comedy troupe "It Burns", performing locally in the Detroit area and into the early wee hours at the Chicago Improv Festival. She went on to further develop her talents at the Second City Los Angeles and Accademia Dell'Arte in Arezzo, Italy. While Kendall thoroughly enjoys performing, it's the creative process of being behind-the-scenes that she is most fond of. This is where her passion and motivation live and lie.

Her first production gig was on Sony's feature film Antwone Fisher as a Production Assistant. Since then, Kendall has gained a plethora of knowledge and experience in multiple roles within different production capacities. Some of her credits include: Extras Casting Assistant, Oscar Nominated American Splendor; Assistant, Emmy Award Winning documentary Haley and Madonna; Executive Assistant, HBO's Emmy Nominated Curb Your Enthusiasm; Writers Guild of America Understudy, Paramount's Star Trek Enterprise television series; Casting Assistant, Sony's Peter Pan; Executive Producer for Current TV short documentaries: The Big Brother Show, Pezamania, & Angelin Chang; Producer, Big Heds pilot project; Producer, HBO pilot Scottish Reign; Producer for four original webisode series: People Making a Difference, Entrepreneur to entrepreneur, Innovation NEO & Solution Series; and Wardrobe Assistant, Nickelodeon's pilot Dribble, Kick, Throw.

Kendall has also worked on several other projects for networks and clients, such as: TBS, the Food Network, FOX, MTV well as Nike, Sprite, General Motors, Metro Health, Ohio Lottery, Calphalon, Timken, Cleveland Cavaliers and Marathon.

Although Kendall is bananas for all genres of filmmaking, she's especially crazy for the documentary format. She finds it stimulating and sees magic in the challenge to capture raw moments of authenticity. It is sometimes in those moments of uncertainty and discovery that a project authentically manifests the necessary momentum and strength to expose its unique perspective and beauty to tell an explicit story that may otherwise be under rugs swept.

It's true that Kendall wants to visit other galaxies, but until then she derives creative inspiration from her friends, families and strangers alike. Her favorite extracurricular activities include: globetrotting, writing, photography, idea creation, dancing, fresh air and letting the fun shine.

Residence: Cleveland, Ohio

Executive Assistant, for HBO’s Emmy nominated ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm”

Extras Casting Assistant, for the Oscar nominated film ‘American Splendor’

Writers Guild of America Understudy for Paramount televisions ‘Star Trek Enterprise’

Casting Assistant


Red Wagon Entertainments ‘Peter Pan’ movie.

Fox Television networks, American Idol Season Two.

‘Big Heds’ television pilot.

Several independently produced rap music videos. Commercial clients:

General Motors, Nickelodeon, TBS, Nike, Sprite, Sony, Metro Health & Ohio Lottery.

Executive Producer for Current Television documentary profiles: ‘The Big Brother Show’, ‘Pezamania’, & ‘Angelin Chang’.

Producer and Camera Operator for four original webisode series: ‘People Making a Difference’, ‘Entrepreneur to entrepreneur’, ‘Innovation NEO’, & ‘Solution Series’.

Wardrobe for Calphalon commercial & Nickelodeon pilot, ‘Dribble, Kick, Throw’.

Writer, Reporter, Producer for bi-weekly news show, ‘For Your Information’, Ann Arbor’s Citi TV.

Worked with a team of people in college on a program at Ann Arbor’s Citi TV-was part of the crew that was the recipient of a Philo T. Farnsworth Award.