Khalid el-Hakim

Associate Producer



Khalid el-Hakim, founded the “Black History 101 Mobile Museum” over 19 years ago while a student at Ferris State University.  Khalid has acquired over 3000 diverse artifacts of Black memorabilia that date from the time of slavery to modern Hip Hop culture and is the former Midwest Regional Director of the National Hip Hop Congress.

Khalid has presented his award-winning museum at various colleges and universities across the country while also educating Michigan youths for the past 14 years as a Detroit Public Schools teacher.


As a music executive, he has managed various artists including: 2006 Grammy award nominee Umar Bin Hassan of the Last Poets, Platinum selling, award-winning artist DeShaun “Proof” Holton of the rap group D12, Taja Sevelle and Versiz.


Khalid worked with QDIII as a segment producer on the BEEF IV DVD and is the Executive Producer of NECESSARY! The tribute album for Malcolm X, which will be released this year in collaboration with Detroit attorney Gregory Reed, owner of the “Three Lost Chapters” of the Autobiography of Malcolm X.

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